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Realterm: Serial Terminal

Realterm is an engineers terminal program specially designed for capturing, controlling and debugging binary and other difficult data streams. It is the best tool for debugging comms.


  • Read the popup hints carefully! They give lots of information. Many controls have hidden functions
  • Right mouse context menu has many special functions and Hotkeys
  • There is an "examples" directory to see how to use it in scripts and with other programs



Help & Hints:

Press F1 to bring up the help screen. Amongst other things you get a list of the actual commandline parameters that version supports.

Tool Tips are the primary source of help and explanation when using Realterm. Take the time to move the mouse over every control, and read the hints that pop up. If you doubleclick on the status bar at the bottom it will toggle to a longer hint string. 

The Popup hints are also displayed (and don't timeout) on the status bar. Double click the status bar to show them the full screen width.

ENTER send CR, +ENTER sends LF, +ENTER sends CRLF


§ Installing Realterm

§  Download

zip password:



Bypass code “Bypass code for calling while FRP locked”

Realterm calling codes command

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